Elementary (K-5)

Teaching children in the ways of the Lord

Early Childhood education is most important in the Christian development of our children. Although parents and family are the primary educators of young children, LCAP will provide great support and assistance for parents by offering proper curriculum and training for your child’s spiritual, educational, mental, and physical development. LCAP will provide an experienced and competent staff to teach your children and complement your efforts to bring them up in the ways of the Lord.

LCAP will provide an environment similar to home schooling whereby subject matter and individual attention are provided to each child, as parents would have it at home. We should be viewed as an extension of your home where Christian values and training are seamlessly woven into all lessons and activities.


Our first and foremost goal is to teach Christian doctrine and values. We all (little children or senior adults) fall short of the righteousness of God, and, as such, everyone needs a Savior in whom to have faith in order to receive eternal salvation. Jesus Christ is our only Savior. We teach our children that Jesus loves them, protects them, and has a wonderful plan for their lives.

Another goal is allow children to explore new ideas and activities; through exploring and taking initiatives, they will realize they can learn from their mistakes and from trial and error. Because of this our youngsters learn to reason on their own and draw their own conclusions. We teach our children to respect God and His rules; to respect the authority of teachers and parents. Our students learn to respect their own bodies, to respect their fellow students, and to respect God’s magnificent Creation.


LCAP uses Abeka & Bob Jones as our basic curriculums: this includes phonics, language, reading, spelling, writing, math, and, most importantly, the Bible. We further incorporate a wide range of children’s literature to develop language, reading, writing and arithmetic skills and knowledge, along with special classes in art, Spanish, music, computer education, & physical education.

Textbooks and literature further the youngster’s abilities in science,social studies, art, music, drama, and study of the Bible. God’s many gifts and graces are revealed for our students in every subject matter and activity as they point to the sovereignty of God.


Chapel services are scheduled every Monday, and they last 20-30 minutes. Staff members lead the services , which consist of Bible stories, prayer, songs, and object lessons. Parents are welcome to participate as visitors or guest speakers. If any parent wishes to participate, please contact the office.


We celebrate holidays, birthdays, Valentines party, and special occasions. Teachers plan classroom parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Parents are notified of classroom celebrations and they are encouraged to provide supplies. However, the school cannot allow food or drink which was made at home. Only store-bought, unopened food and drink will be distributed to the children. Please keep it simple and low in sugar. Invitations to a home birthday party are allowed only if the entire class is invited. Exchanging birthday or holiday gifts in the classroom is prohibited.


All students participate in a Christmas program held in the church sanctuary, and we invite family and friends to our childrens’ events. Author’s Day is held in the spring and Mother’s Day Tea is presented during the month of May.


From time to time, the Academy will invite visitors to present a program for staff and students as an enrichment to our curriculum. These visitors might include firefighters, police officers, Dentists, Nurses, etc. Parents will be notified if any additional fees might be incurred.

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